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Technologies I will learn in 2023

Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-01-03 | reading time: ~2min

What I did in 2022§

2022 was a fine year. Only issue was I am still adjusting with the new environment now that I was finally done with my undergrad and recently working as a university instructor for chemistry, biology and some humanities-related subjects.

I have fun writing RPM specfiles for packaging software in openSUSE and also learning the importance of community in Free and Open Source Software.

Languages I am fond of writing are Lua, Julia, and Rust. I did learn a bit of SCSS and SASS while also learning how to write the Tera templating engine for Zola.

Although, my only issue was the time contraints I have with work and personal life that I haven't really done any huge projects with those technologies. I really wanted to write a GUI client for mastodon in Rust with iced-rs but because of the lack of knowledge of the mastodon API and Rust itself, I never really got into it.

List of technologies I want to learn§

I will write what I learned so far each Saturday since that's the only day that I am free, unfortunately. 😔

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