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I decided to move back to helix

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Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-09-30 | reading time: ~2min

Emacs is good but it's not for me.

I feel more productive with helix. And I decided that using helix is the best way to do things.

So why helix?§

To be honest, helix's keymappings make more sense to me. It feels more intuitive to use unlike Emacs' C-x C-c and C-x C-s. I kind of understand now what the "Emacs Pinky" means.

Helix well designed keymaps (opinion and bias from me) gives me high efficiency in coding and fixing stuff.

For taking notes§

My note taking habits§

I take notes... but not frequently. To be honest, I only take notes if I feel like it's something important but my brain does not deem it so. I usually remember stuff easily if I condition myself that it is important.

So that's why I decided to use zk + helix + zellij since for me I usually make a todo list rather than taking notes.

I think zk is fine. As long as I don't plan to publish my notes as some sort of static or dynamic website. I feel like I was planning to post my notes just for "showing off". To be honest I don't feel happy taking notes through emacs.

For programming§

I use lsp-mode and it's so slow to be honest. This is because of emacs being single threaded and files with 300 LoC slows it down considerably when ran on emacs.

With helix's native tree-sitter and LSP support, plus the amazing async capabilities it has because Rust and cool devs, it feels fast and does not slow me down waiting for UI to pop up or to format the whole file. Helix can handle more LoC with no lags and slowdowns.

Multi-cursor and multi-selections is well supported on Helix. I don't have to deal with an .mc-list which for me is just a hack to avoid Emacs' weird behavior when doing multiple cursor / selections, for which is a hack (a well thought out hack) by itself to make Emacs have multi-cursors.

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