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I will say this again "Science is not the issue, intent is"

#ethics #tech #enshittification

Soc Virnyl Estela | 2024-02-20 | reading time: ~2min

As a child, I was always into the field of science. Always curious, always wanting to explore things to find an answer to all my questions.

Now as an adult, that intensity is now a small candle rather than a roaring flame. It is not because I do not love science anymore. But it is because of how the world changed a lot. Or to be more accurate, I have finally noticed what the real world is like. Living as a child was living in a bliss of ignorance.

Priorities change when you become an adult. Fortunately, science is always progressing, and technology is always innovating and that brings excitement or disappointment not because science and technology is a bad thing. But because science can be also used for nefarious purposes. That's not new. I already know that. I am just not happy with the state of the world right now.

In my generation, of whom are born around the year 1990s and 2000s, we have finally reached the peak of enshittification. From our internet and social networks, to the full-blown browser trackers or spyware and advertisements that do not even make sense at all, to the low-quality service and the not-stealing-stealing from many subscription based media companies — we can see the world is now full of nightmare-cocaine-fuel-dopamine-addicting-technology-to-false-science things.

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