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My Migration to Emacs

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Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-07-22 | reading time: ~2min

Why I tried Emacs§

I tried Emacs for the following reasons

I heard many memes and praises of the editor. But one thing that interests me was that emacs can do note taking and task scheduling through org mode. Additionally, note taking using the zettelkasten through org roam greatly enhances that experience!

I tried it for a few weeks now and ... it is amazing! 👀

Org Mode§

I wouldn't use emacs without this feature. It can allow you to schedule your stuff with org agenda. These includes note taking, task scheduling, and dailies. Hell, combined that with org roam, and you get the best of zettelkasten method plus a growing connections of tasks.

Org Roam§

This feature actually hooked me into using emacs. Without it, my notes would be everywhere without knowing which part of this note connects to this note. Yes, you can do it by linking URL links but that's not ideal to do that manually. Org roam does that for you and it's such a breeze.

Lastly, org roam has another plugin called org roam ui which allows you to create a graphical representation of your knowledge base like how Obsidian and other knowledge base note taking apps do. I forked the project as seen here to allow me to generate a static web app for my knowledge base and upload it as a standalone website. The result is my https://zettelkasten.uncomfyhalomacro.pl!


I think I am slowly migrating all of my workflow to Emacs now. I do still use helix for small fast edits but for powerful features such as task scheduling, todolists and zettelkasten? I guess it's Emacs.

If you want to see how a professional Emacs user use Emacs, you can check out this link. It's very informative.

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