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First impressions on my first non-Google email provider

Written on: 2023-09-19

Updated on: 2023-09-20T21:28:31Z

my first step in de-Googling

VSCodium Flatpak on openSUSE Aeon

Written on: 2023-07-14

Updated on: 2023-07-15

a small short guide on how to setup VSCodium Flatpak on an immutable desktop

How should you choose a distro?

Written on: 2023-05-12

a guide for new and old time users alike

Is Linux (as a desktop) normie friendly already?

Written on: 2023-04-27

Updated on: 2023-04-29

we are not there yet and maybe for a long time

I switched to Hyprland

Written on: 2023-04-25

a new workflow that i may stay for a while

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Agile is a tainted term

Oh no, not another agile article. But at least this one isn't attempting to teach or reconcile. I'm not going to talk about the difference between agile and Agile™ nor will I try to convince you of my favorite flavor of Agile™. Instead, I'm here to assert …

via pcloadletter February 16, 2024

You Must Read At Least One Book To Ride

Two things are true. The first is going to sound bad in a culture where engineers are encouraged to apologize for existing while it is totally acceptable for a grifter that can't code to insist that they're a "thought leader". It is that, in my immediate p…

via Ludicity February 15, 2024

Code injection or backdoor: A new look at Ivanti’s CVE-2021-44529

This is yet another, “Ron got nerdsniped by a thing and wasted enough time that he needs something to show for it” blog. Which, come to think of it, are pretty much all my blogs. :) Recently, a tweet from Steven Seeley (ϻг_ϻε) caught my eye - an exploit fo…

via GreyNoise Labs February 15, 2024

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