I’m Soc Virnyl Estela (aka uncomfyhalomacro). I like to discuss about Linux, Wayland, and various programming languages such as Julia, and Rust.

I’m a package maintainer for the openSUSE community, mostly Wayland and Rust software.

My main background is biology but I also have exposure to computer science when I was in high school.

If you want to see my old posts, I have put it somewhere in the archive. I did put some of my old posts in the new site, but that was only for the Gists because I was testing if it works. Still I put it there just for this site.

Most of my projects are now hosted either on Sourcehut and Codeberg.

Key Landing Pages

Software and tools I use daily

Programming Languages I am really familiar with

Software and things I want to familiarize with

  • Erlang. I heard about it because of its impressive built-in concurrency support.
  • Go. Learn it since it’s used from various companies.
  • Ansible. Notable for DevOps.