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What to look forward on 2024

Written on: 2023-12-31

To be honest I am just writing this out of boredom. I have lots of plans for next year and I was hoping they won't go awry, at least.

Why Philippine Institutions Should Use FOSS

Written on: 2023-10-01

Updated on: 2023-10-11

raising awareness about Free and Open Source Software in the Filipino Nation

Change of plans and priorities

Written on: 2023-09-26

Updated on: 2023-09-26T17:10:39Z

what it means for my future

Not Threads, Not Twitter. Come Join Us!

Written on: 2023-07-18

The Fediverse is growing. Join now!

Journey to openSUSE

Written on: 2023-06-09

here i share my linux journey

How should you choose a distro?

Written on: 2023-05-12

a guide for new and old time users alike

Is Linux (as a desktop) normie friendly already?

Written on: 2023-04-27

Updated on: 2023-04-29

we are not there yet and maybe for a long time

I switched to Hyprland

Written on: 2023-04-25

a new workflow that i may stay for a while

Why am I still using Firefox?

Written on: 2023-04-22

features, controversies, and the state of the web

Technologies I will learn in 2023

Written on: 2023-01-03

a quick short post of what I want to learn

Julia x Zellij

Written on: 2022-12-19

a short post about how this workflow works

Writing my own tree-sitter grammar

Written on: 2022-12-14

Updated on: 2023-04-02

and for a good reason

My experience with Zola

Written on: 2022-12-10

And why I love it

My experience in Mastodon and Federation

Written on: 2022-12-08

Updated on: 2023-04-02

and why i think it's a breath of fresh air in social networking

A new fresh blog site

Written on: 2022-12-04

Updated on: 2023-04-02

and why i decided to create a new theme

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Decrypting FortiOS 7.0.x

Introduction Decrypting Fortinet’s FortiGate FortiOS firmware is a topic that has been thoroughly covered, in part because of the many variants and permutations of FortiOS firmware, all differing based on hardware architecture and versioning — we may have …

via GreyNoise Labs April 23, 2024

Copyleft licenses are not “restrictive”

One may observe an axis, or a “spectrum”, along which free and open source software licenses can be organized, where one end is “permissive” and the other end is “copyleft”. It is important to acknowledge, however, that though copyleft can be found at the …

via Drew DeVault's blog April 19, 2024

What Precious Things Does The Corporate World Steal From Us?

It has been about a year and a half of working three days a week in response to burnout. It took me six months to regain the ability to do anything beyond resting the moment I was done working, and in the past year I have recovered much of my ability to fu…

via Ludicity April 15, 2024

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