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Not Threads, Not Twitter. Come Join Us!

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Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-07-18 | reading time: ~2min

The Fediverse is growing. Joining the Fediverse is good. But I do not recommend you joining Threads, or go back to Twitter.

Not Threads, Not Twitter§

Twitter is self-explanatory. Threads, however, are new platforms that support ActivityPub. This means it can communicate with other platforms that also support this protocol e.g. you can follow people from your instance to someone who is on Threads.

But Threads is owned by Meta, who are notorious for their aggressive data collection and poor privacy protection and policies. And they are also known for manipulating public information, and spreading propaganda to accommodate personal interests from politics to mass misinformation.

Why should you join a platform who is backed by a company known for such practices?

You may have your reasons. It maybe valid e.g. because your fam uses Facebook, specifically, Facebook Messenger to communicate, but if you have the option to do so, do so now. These companies do not care much about your well-being since they designed these platform for clout-chasing, dopamine addiction, and a new culture of attention-seekers that are dumb to a point.

Come Join the Fediverse!§

The fediverse is good.

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