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What to look forward on 2024

Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-12-31 | reading time: ~4min

To be honest I am just writing this out of boredom. I have lots of plans for next year and I was hoping they won't go awry, at least.

So my plans are probably the following:

  • slowing down maintenance cycles as a packager.
  • improving my knowledge of Wayland.
  • improving my knowledge on Julia.
  • improving my knowledge on databases e.g. SQL and PostGres.
  • improving my knowledge on my field of expertise once I proceed with my undegraduate studies.
  • advocating for the usage of Open Source software.
  • probably leaving OSSPH once 2024 ends.

Slowing down maintenance cycles as a packager§

It has been 2 years since I started packaging for software for openSUSE. I have fun but it has taken a lot of my time to fix, to add patches, and to update versions of packages that I even sometimes forget what is the most important. For now, expect that I will mostly focus on updating packages related to Rust, Wayland, and Julia. I hope there are contributors out there who can fill that time gap if anything important arises. Anyone who are willing enough can check out the wiki for packaging documentation.

Improving my knowledge of Wayland§

My knowledge of Wayland was postponed on 2023. I was planning to learn but personal time (mostly laziness) took most of the chances to learn Wayland (and other stuff). My plan for next year is learn how to write a Wayland client with the help of my friends on Waycrate. I felt sorry for Aakash doing all the work and maintenance. I am glad that there are people that like to contribute at least. Thanks Andreas and shootingstardragon.

Improving my knowledge on Julia§

Julia. Oh yeah I forgot. This language was supposed to be my favorite language until I became a Rust fanboi. Most of my knowledge on Julia is back to zero. I literally don't know anything now about the language so it seems. I am planning to refresh next year by writing a pure Julia package for the RDF specification, a W3C standard for graph data. This is quite related to a postponed package for SBOL3.jl. Although, writing that package after finishing for RDF package in Julia is mutually exclusive. I can choose not to write for SBOL.

Improving my knowledge on databases§

I have little experience with databases but I can still remember some SQL since highschool. Although, I won't say that I have like, enough knowledge to be able to do some stuff. I lack the experience to deploy and integrate databases with any programming language I have tried or used. So yes, I hope 2024 allows me to learn them.

Improving my field of expertise§

I finished my undergraduate studies on Biology specializing in Microbiology. However, it's now the time to consider enrolling for my graduate studies probably a branch or somewhat an interrelated field. I will check out soon next school year 2024-2025. For now, it's a plan. I still need to keep my job at a private university.

Advocating for the usage of OSS§

For a few years, I am using a lot of OSS. From various editors to office suites and even writing this blog, I have learned them through my curiousity and enthusiasm to learn OSS. I plan to share them to the private university I work for by raising awareness about costs and advantages of using OSS.

Probably leaving OSSPH once 2024 ends§

I am planning to leave OSSPH or specifically step down. Not too sure why (it's probably cryptocurrency and Web3). I feel like the community have little impact to what I do in my life so I guess it's time to plan that ahead unless anything changes.

Non-tech and non-academic related plans§

I plan to get regular workouts next year even just light exercises. I am gaining weight slowly and it's kind of sad that my plan to maintain around 64 kilograms is now nearing 72 kilograms.

I also plan to mitigate my procrastination. It's hard. And it caused a lot of woes this year. I don't know why I procrastinate but I have a feeling it's due to my subconscious telling me "what you're doing is not worth it". I would like to know why but I think I have an answer. It's time to tire myself out positively 🫡.

I also plan to increase my reach from various parts of communities be it tech or biology so I hope 2024 is a blast.

So uh...§

Yes. By January, I will postpone all programming activities and software maintenance unless someone emails me that a package needs to be updated. I will resume such activities starting February.

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