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Soc Virnyl Estela | 2023-07-09 | reading time: ~2min

I put all my projects and ideas here. They are either dead or active. Mostly dead to be honest.


rypper is a package manager written in Rust with the goal of being an alternative package manager for openSUSE. It may work with other RPM-based distributions. As it stands, it is still a work in progress. I consider this project to be active development.


waylight is a brightness and gamma control tool for X11 and Wayland. The goal of this project is to allow me to learn Zig. This may also let me understand how udev and sysfs stuffs work on Linux.


SBOL3.jl is a Julia project of mine that I postponed because of my lack of time to understand and create a multiple dispatch equivalent of the OOP nature of the SBOL3 specification. I have an idea on how to approach it now. I will probably resume writing it once I got my ideas clearly.


qoi.cr is a Crystal implementation of the Quick OK Image Format, also known as QOI. The project is still in an unusable state though, but the necessary stuffs are there so anyone can just use those.


sbol3.cr is an attempt to implement SBOL3 in Crystal. I haven't written a single line of code for this one yet.


wlroots.cr is an attempt to write wlroots bindings in Crystal. No single line of code yet.


wayland.cr is an attempt to write Wayland bindings in Crystal. No single line of code yet.


Amnion is attempt to write an ActivityPub client for Mastodon or any compatible implementation in Rust using the Iced GUI library. No single line of code yet.


copyme is a clipboard utility for linux. No single line of code yet.

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