I have switched over to Quartz. I was not really sure if I should switch but given the fact that my garden is getting bigger, it’s time to move over to a solution where I can create a network, a “second brain” — a zettelkasten.

I really like that it supports GitHub Flavored Markdown. Because I can do other things like emphasising points or put warnings. See freeCodeCamp’s guide to use this. You can also extend it using Obsidian’s Markdown Flavor here. Quartz support both of these markdown flavours which is a nice addition.

Other things Quartz has that other SSGs should have are copy-able code blocks. And it contains a more updated syntax highlighter too.

fn main() -> ! {

Moreover, I have a graph view from the top which shows the connections of all my notes.

I will slowly migrate some of my posts from my old site soon to an archive folder here. Also, if you notice that https://zettel.uncomfyhalomacro.pl redirects to https://uncomfyhalomacro.pl, that’s because I moved from Zola to Quartz