It is a Blockchain protocol that combines the security of blockchain and the scalability of the cloud such as Google Cloud and AWS.

This leverages the deployment on not just Smart Contracts, but also dApps, deAI, and DAOs.


DFINITY Founder talks about Internet computer in the following video

Internet Computer Architecture

  • Decentralised Infrastructure
  • Nodes and Subnets
  • Chain Key Cryptography
  • Canister
  • Network Nervous System (NNS)

Decentralised Infrastructure

Achieving decentralisation in the blockchain is a difficult task. Other existing technologies have found themselves to be semi-decentralised. Although, that’s still a negligible issue, it does also defeat the purpose of achieving decentralisation as a whole.


ICP believes that they have to achieve this by designing their own cloud services that is focused entirely in decentralisation by hosting servers at different parts of the world.

Nodes and Subnets

Each node is a physical machine running specialised software which is ICP protocol. Nodes are managed by a node provider. How these nodes are managed are done through governance.

A subnet is a group of nodes. Essentially, it is a replicated state machine where every node performs the same computation on the same state.

Chain Key Cryptography


See Chain Fusion ICP for more in-depth notes of Chain Fusion in ICP.